Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block

Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block: An electronic album with a funny theme. The album was released for free on the internet in September 2005. “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block” is a collection of music produced by David Steinberger and his friends from a number of different genres. Many tracks are remixes, some are original compositions, and many are collaborations between members of the group.

The idea behind the album was to create an electronic album that had a cohesive theme and sound without being limited to any particular genre or set of instruments. A number of tracks have themes related to the main theme, such as “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block” which is based on a song by the same name. Some tracks have lyrics that relate to the theme, such as “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block”, while others are purely instrumental.

All tracks were written, produced, and recorded by David Steinberger and his friends from various genres in an effort to create an electronic album that would appeal to listeners from a variety of musical backgrounds and tastes.

Man gets his head bonked with cinder block: an electronic album with a funny theme.

The cinder block is just a prop. It’s not even a real cinder block; it’s just a polystyrene prop that looks like one.

It’s not meant to actually hit the guy on the head, and in fact it doesn’t. But when it looks like it might, and he flinches, that’s the joke.

This is the first track on my new electronic album Man gets his head bonked with cinder block. It’s an eleven song album of electronic music with a funny theme. The theme is: man gets his head bonked with cinder block!

This is a comedy album, and the humor comes from the ironic juxtaposition of mundane subject matter with heavy-handed production techniques and annoying sound effects.

Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block is the name of a compilation album in the electronic genre. Each artist on the album has created a song with an amusing title and theme. You can download the entire album for free from the Internet Archive, or read more about it in this article from Boing Boing.

The first track on the album is “My Head Is Stuck In The Toaster”, by Laundry Room Squelchers. It is a fast-paced montage of sound clips from films, including some funny voiceovers and animal sounds. The second track, “Cinder Block vs. Man’s Skull”, by Jeff Surak, features more animals sounds and even more breakneck samples from films. The theme of violence against animals continues into the third track, “Frog Fight”, by Sudden Infant. It is a slow-moving, eerie piece that features some violent squashing noises (in case you missed them on the previous tracks).

The fourth track is “Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk Bonk”, by Bunny Brains, which seems to be just a five-second clip of someone hitting a cinder block over and over again. The fifth track is “Cinder Block Mannequin”,

You are invited to join me in creating an electronic album. A few years ago I created a children’s music album that was really fun to make and people liked it. I’d like to do another one, though this time with a different theme.

I am planning to make an electronic album based on the old “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block” videos. If you’re not familiar with the genre, there are lots of them on YouTube. The typical video has a man in a hard hat standing next to a cinder block somewhere on construction site, and then another man bonks him in the head with it.

It is hard to describe how funny these videos are– you have to see them for yourself. You can imagine what they’ll sound like in song. And they’re perfect for remixing! I will post each song as a torrent of multi-track recordings that people can remix and upload again under Creative Commons license. There will also be some videos of my own bonking performances (amateur).

I have done something like this before, but without much success, so please get back to me if you are interested (by email) or tell your friends who might be interested. You don’t have to know how to write music

Electronic musician and YouTube personality, Jake Chudnow’s latest album, “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block” is a side-splitting look at the hilarity of life. From the opening track, “Man Gets His Head Bonked With A Cinder Block”, you cannot help but to be drawn into Jake’s world of unabashed comedic genius.

Jake is well known for his unique ability to take anything and turn it into a hilarious masterpiece. For example, in the album’s second track, “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block (Remix)”, Jake takes the original song and adds what can only be described as a slick groove while still maintaining his original vision of a man getting his head bonked with a cinder block.

The album continues in this fashion throughout its ten tracks. The closer, “Man Gets His Head Bonked With A Cinder Block (Rock Version)” is an absolute tour-de-force that simply needs to be heard to be believed.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend this album to anybody who enjoys laughing or music or both!

This is the final version of the song “Man Gets His Head Bonked With Cinder Block.” I’m sure you’ll be happy to know that I had to use a lot of compression on this track because it was so dynamic. This will make the most difference in your car sound system, because they can’t handle dynamics very well. So enjoy!

I originally recorded this at a high sample rate and bit depth (32/96), since it was going to be mastered to CD. But then I decided to leave out the bass boost, which makes it sound really good in the car. So now I’ve down-sampled it to 16/44.1, which is CD quality (and what you’re listening to now).

I was excited to hear about this project, because I think more people should do creative work with a humorous theme. If you’ve got a funny idea, you’ll find it easier to come up with things to show, and people will be more willing to forgive the flaws.

And it’s easy to get started. Just go out and bonk someone on the head with a cinder block.

I’m only kidding. You don’t need to do that; my point is that “humorous” is a category of ideas, not solutions. It’s in the same category as “cool” or “weird.” You can make anything in any of those categories cool by applying enough creativity.

But you need an idea, first: someone getting their head bonked with a cinder block is an idea for an interesting scene in a movie or story, but not for a whole movie or story by itself (unless it’s really funny). If you try to start by making something cool, weird, or funny all by itself, you may have trouble coming up with anything.

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