Juxtapoz Premiere Phoenix’s Tear the Curtain Off Debut Album Video

Juxtapoz Premiere: Phoenix’s Tear the Curtain Off Debut Album Video

Phoenix, the Parisian-based group whose latest album, “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix,” has been getting a lot of critical acclaim and commercial success, are at it again with a new video for “1901,” the first track from that album. The band just released their debut music video for the song that was directed by French director Daniel Baud.

The video is fun and quirky and has a bit of a French New Wave feel to it. It also has a strong narrative about two attractive girls who are bored in school and then go on to do some pretty crazy stuff. If you haven’t heard the song yet, check out the video below.

“Tear the Curtain Off” is a video that explodes with color and movement, leaving no space left untouched. And if you think the “Tear the Curtain Off” video is going to be as exciting as it gets, we’re happy to inform you that there’s more from director Warren Fu and Phoenix on the way.

The next music video from Phoenix will be for their track “Love Like a Sunset,” which was also directed by Warren Fu and will be premiering online later this month. To read more about how Warren Fu’s vision came to life with Phoenix’s “Tear The Curtain Off,” check out our interview below:

JUXTAPOZ: How did you hook up with Phoenix? When did you first hear about the band?

WARREN FU: I’ve known about them for quite a while, but after hearing Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, it really stood out to me and I wanted the opportunity to do something with them. Then, it turned out they were fans of my work too.

JUX: Where did you shoot this video?

WF: In a studio in Burbank. It was a huge space, something like 20,000 square feet. We had just one day to shoot

The Teaser Video for Phoenix’s “Tornado” is Here: a blog post about the release of Phoenix’s new teaser video

Phoenix is one of those bands that, if they release a mediocre album, it will be miles better than what most other bands are doing. They have a certain sound, and I am always ready to hear it. We got to premiere their new video for “Tear the Curtain” and it is refreshing to hear something that sounds so effortless and beautiful. The French band is about to release their debut album Ti Amo on June 9th and we are totally down for it.

“Tear the Curtain” is from Phoenix’s sixth studio album TI AMO out June 9 via Glassnote Records.

Directed by: Warren Fu

I don’t think you can say that people are more excited about Phoenix than any other band. The French four-piece is a rare band, one that can play Coachella and Lollapalooza, but also SXSW, Pitchfork Paris and Primavera Sound in Spain. They have a presence in the US and Europe, but when it comes down to it, they have a presence everywhere. And their new album Bankrupt! is pretty good.

The last time we saw Phoenix was when they collaborated with Juxtapoz for an art show in Los Angeles. The show was awesome, but I digress… back to the future with a premiere of their “Trying To Be Cool” video (originally released for Record Store Day). The track is from the aforementioned Bankrupt! and was directed by the great Roman Coppola (yes, of that family). It’s funny, it’s surreal and well… it’s Phoenix.

There has been a lot of buzz and anticipation surrounding the upcoming debut album from Phoenix. To make the wait a little easier, the band is releasing a very cool video for their first single, “Lisztomania.” The video was directed by So Me and animated by Dimitri Stankowicz. It’s an interesting choice for a music video and will definitely not be what you expect. Watch it now and see how many visual references you can spot.

“Lisztomania” is available now on iTunes, with the album Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix coming out May 26th on V2/Cooperative Music.

It’s been a few years since we’ve heard new music from Phoenix, but the French electronic group has finally released a video for its newest single, “Ti Amo.” It’s a catchy song that mixes Europop with a slight ’70s disco feel. The video is a parody of Italian television from the ’70s and ’80s.

Phoenix formed in 1999 and has been putting out relatively consistent music ever since. In 2009, the band toured alongside LCD Soundsystem, and in 2010, their song “1901” was featured in Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Phoenix’s last album, Bankrupt!, was released in 2013.

The track list for Ti Amo is as follows:**

1. J-Boy**

2. Ti Amo**

3. Tuttifrutti**

4. Fior di Latte**

5. Lovelife**

6. Goodbye Soleil**

7. Fleur de Lys**

8. Role Model**

9. Telefono**

10. Via Veneto

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