chill electronic music for your music library. Also, demo tracks for aspiring musicians.

We create chill electronic music for your music library. Also, demo tracks for aspiring musicians.

We will create a track for you with your choice of instruments and sounds. Contact us for more information.

If you love to listen to music, then this is the place for you. We have created a music playlist where we put together our favourite songs from various artists, who are all present on YouTube. We hope you like it as much as we do.

This is a collection of my favorite music tracks. It contains both my favorite chill electronic tracks and demo tracks for aspiring musicians.

If you are an aspiring musician, I have some demo tracks that you can use to practice your editing skills.

If you just like listening to music, I have curated some of my favorite chill electronic music tracks that are good for studying and relaxation.

You can find all the music in this library here:

Chill Electronic Music is a great resource for:

– People looking to create a chill environment

– People looking to expand their music library

– Aspiring musicians looking to demo their tracks

The Chill Electronic Music library is comprised of over 1000 tracks from 80+ artists from all around the world.

Chill Electronic Music is a mix of chill trap, orchestral music, future bass, lo-fi beats and much more. The main genres include Chill Trap, Future Bass and Future Pop. Most tracks are composed by the artists themselves. This playlist is updated daily with new songs.

This playlist is created to help you as producers to find inspiration in other artists/genres/sounds. It’s great for when you’re working on something but feel stuck and need some inspiration to move forward or change your direction.

It’s also a great playlist to just chill out or study to when you’re looking for chill electronic music with a good vibe!

If you want your track in this playlist then please follow the rules below:

1. Create a SoundCloud account and upload the track there (no remixes please)

2. Once uploaded, submit your track by clicking “Submit Track” button at top of this page

3. Keep the track length <= 5 minutes 4. No remixes please I am a musician and producer who loves electronic music and chill out, so I wanted to share this with you. You can listen to the demos below or to the full tracks in my website: If you like those, you can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Soundcloud and Youtube. If you want to ask me something or just to say hi, use the contact page in my website. Have a nice day! This is a collaborative Music Composition and Production Forum. If you're a musician, composer, or producer: You can post any work in progress, finished composition, or song for critique (or just to share). We welcome all styles of music. If you need inspiration, check out the "Prompts" stickied post. If you want to collaborate with others, check out the "Collaborative album project" stickied post. Want to find someone to fill a role in your project? Check out the "Looking for..." stickied post. Wanting to find someone to work on your project? Check out the "For hire" stickied post. If you're looking for music for your project: You can request music (from super simple/specific, like asking someone to create a 10 second loop of a chord progression, to more vague/broad, like requesting an ambient soundscape). See the "Request music" stickied post. You can ask musicians if they have existing compositions that would fit your project (check out the "Looking for..." stickied post). Or you can specify instruments that you need and ask musicians if they have anything that fits the

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