Are you a big fan of electronic music? Check out these artist’s discographies

Are you a big fan of electronic music? Check out these artist’s discographies:


Aleph (2013)

Conspiracy Pt. 2 (2012)

Conspiracy Pt. 1 (2012)

The Weeknd:

Starboy (2016)

Beauty Behind The Madness (2015)

Kiss Land (2013)

Trilogy (2012)

House Of Balloons (2011)


Junk (2016)

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (2011)

Saturdays = Youth (2008)

If you want a true taste of the electronica genre, check out this blog. We will mention some artists’ discographies and you can check whether or not they are worth your time.

We will start by mentioning Flying Lotus and his discography:

“1983”: A great album that is filled with emotion and catchy songs. “1983” is among the best albums of this decade.The best songs on this album are “Computer Face/Pure Being”, “Clock Catcher”, “Zodiac Shit”.

“Cosmogramma”: An excellent album that shows the evolution of Flying Lotus’ music style. The best tracks on this album include “Do The Astral Plane”, “Zodiac Shit”, “Table Tennis”.

“Until The Quiet Comes”: A fantastic album that has a unique sound to it and is a must listen for any music lover!The standout tracks on this album are: “Electric Candyman”, “Putty Boy Strut”, “Tiny Tortures”, “Until The Colours Come”.

“You’re Dead!”: This album is incredible, it has everything from hip-hop beats to jazz fusion and psychedelic rock influences. The standout tracks are: “Coronus, The Terminator”, “Siren Song (featuring Angel Der

If you’re a big fan of electronic music and the scene, then you’ve probably heard of some of these artists. If not… well, I’m here to talk about them now!

Here is a list of my favourite 5 electronica artists:


2. Yaeji

3. Mura Masa

4. Toro y Moi

5. Shura

There’s no denying that electronic music is one of the most popular genres in the world. Through the years, its popularity has dramatically increased and there’s been a growth of amazing artists that are producing pure gold.

In this post, I will mention some of my favorite artists and their best albums. If you’re a fan of electronic music or just want to discover new artists, grab your headphones and get ready for a musical trip!

The first artist I want to mention is Flume. He is an Australian producer born in 1991 who made his debut with the album “Flume”, released in 2012. This album contains massive hits like Holdin On, Insane and Sleepless which have helped him become one of the most well-known producers in the world. Although his self-titled debut was great, his next project was even better. The “Skin” album from 2016 features incredible tracks like Never Be Like You and Say It that are an absolute must for every electronic music fan out there!

Electronica is my favorite genre of music. I love everything about it; the beats, the sounds, the way it makes me feel. I’ve always been a fan of electronic music, and these 3 artists are my favorites

Aphex Twin

This man is a musical genius. He has created some of the greatest electronica songs in history. He started out as an acid house artist in the 80s and 90s but then switched his style to ambient after his “Selected Ambient Works 85-92” album proved successful. His latest album was released in 2014, and was titled “Syro”.

The term “electronica” has come to be used to describe a variety of contemporary electronic music designed for dancing. The word was coined in the mid-1990s, and is a portmanteau of “electronic” and “techno”.

The word “electronica” is an umbrella term for music that emphasizes electronic sounds in a non-traditional way, like the use of synthesizers or drum machines. Electronica has become an important genre in modern society with the growth of electronic music. This music also influences other genres such as hip hop, house, and techno.

Electronica encompasses a broad group of electronic-based styles such as techno, house, ambient, jungle and other electronic music styles intended not just for dancing.

We have compiled some of the best electronica musicians in our list below. The list is not only limited to the musicians mentioned below! Let us know if you have any suggestions!

Electronic music is a genre that appeals to many people. It has become so popular with each passing year. There are many artists of this genre who have caught the attention of the fans. Lots of them work to get their music out there and heard by many people. One artist that many people love is Odesza. This musician has produced many albums and songs that are loved by fans.

Another artist that is loved by fans is Kygo. This artist has many great songs such as “Firestone” and “It Ain’t Me”. Another great artist is Marshmello. He has produced some amazing songs such as “Happier”, “Silence”, and others.

Some other artists include Illenium, The Chainsmokers, Flume, Diplo, Martin Garrix, Dillon Francis, and DJ Snake. They all produce amazing music that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves electronic music or its subgenres like dubstep and EDM (electronic dance music).

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