99 Free Drum Samples

99 Free Drum Samples

A blog about free drum samples to get inspiration.

We have collected a wide range of samples in many genres and styles. All samples are free for personal use. I would like to thank all the people who have worked hard to create these samples.

If you want to share your free sounds, please send me an e-mail with a link to your work.

I will add them as soon as possible. Don’t forget to bookmark this website before you leave. I hope you enjoy the website, keep coming back for more!

99 Free Drum Samples is a blog about drum samples, sound design and music production. The main purpose of this website is to inspire and motivate producers, djs or music artists to get started with making electronic music.

The most important thing is to understand the process of creating digital audio. Most producers don’t understand how to program synthetic sounds because they don’t know the difference between analog and digital synthesis.

Analog synthesis means the generation of an audio signal by adding sine waves together. A sine wave is just a sinusoidal wave at a given frequency and amplitude. An example would be the sound of a bass guitar playing at 440Hz with an amplitude of 0db (full volume).

Digital Synthesis means using software plugins or hardware synthesizers to generate new sounds from scratch using mathematical equations instead of real instruments like guitars, drums etc…

This website offers a collection of free drum samples, sound effects and synth presets for use in music production or sound design projects. You can download drum samples in wav format here: 99 Drums Samples WAV

99drumSamples is a blog about free drum samples, drum loops and sound design.

We provide our readers with interesting articles on how to make music and play the drums as well as different drum lessons and tutorials in order to help them expanding their knowledge.

Our articles include reviews of new products, news and events related to the world of percussion and sound engineering.

We also provide free (under creative commons license) sounds, MIDI files and audio samples for our visitors.

Hi, I’m a sound designer and here are some free drum samples that I made.

They were created from the sounds of the Elektron Analog Four and the Elektron Analog Rytm. They were recorded with an Apogee Quartet directly into Logic Pro X on my Macbook Air for maximum quality. They were then processed gently with a little bit of reverb, delay and compression to give you the most versatility with these samples.

The idea behind this was to create a set of drum samples that would be useful in every situation possible – from low-fi basement jams to full studio production. Whenever you need a drum sample be sure to check out this pack first.

These are royalty-free so use them as much as you want!

A few years ago I read an interview with David Lynch where he talked about how, when working on sound design for his films, he would often take a piece of music he loved and pitch it down or up, play it backwards, distort it, etc. until it had the right feel.

He also said that he always made sure there was a good foundation of drum samples when beginning work on a new film. I found this idea very inspiring and decided to try it out for myself as well.

If, like me, you spend most of your time with audio, it’s easy to forget that a lot of the average person’s experience of sound is in the background.

Ambient sounds are something that most people don’t notice until they are missing. And then, when they are suddenly gone, the silence is almost deafening.

I live in a small town in rural New Hampshire. I have a house that backs up on a school soccer field. Every day after school lets out, the kids come out to play on the field… and I get to listen to it all.

This is great for me because I am working on a new short film about soccer players and I need to record as much ambient sound as I can.

In this video tutorial, I share some tips for recording ambient sound effects using basic recording equipment such as a Zoom H4n recorder and a simple shotgun microphone.

Electronic music is a kind of music. It is made by electronic instruments. Electronic music can be the same as other kinds of music, or it can be something different.

Electronic music can sound like “normal” or “acoustic” music. This is done by using samplers to sample the sounds of real acoustic instruments or recordings of acoustic instruments.

Electronic music can sound like other sounds than instruments. This is done by using synthesizers to make new sounds that don’t exist in nature.

Electronic music can sound like both at the same time. The electronic instrument makes a sound that sounds like an acoustic instrument, but it doesn’t actually use any samples of that acoustic instrument; it’s just similar to it.

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