101 Best Electronic Music Artists 20th Century

101 Best Electronic Music Artists 20th Century: a blog around the best electronic music artists of the 20th century.

Of course, 101 is a very arbitrary number, but this blog’s subject is the best 101 electronic music artists of the 20th century.

It is important to note that it is not a list of the best or most influential bands or musicians in electronic music.

It is also not a ranking of their importance or influence in the history of this genre.

It is simply a list of 101 suggestions that you may or may not have heard before and that are (in my opinion) worth discovering or rediscovering.

This blog will regularly update with new posts containing interviews with some of these artists and more information on them.

The 101 Best Electronic Music Artists 20th Century: a blog around the best electronic music artists of the 20th century.

Electronic music was created on the basis of traditional electronic sound generating devices, such as the theremin, teleharmonium, phonograph, or on early electric or electronic musical instruments. The invention of the tape recorder in the 1940s led to the development of electroacoustic tape music in the 1950s.

During this period, composers began to focus on electronic methods of sound production and transformed live performance practices by introducing “tape music” or musique concrète. This type of music was based directly on sounds recorded with microphones and phonograph discs rather than on electronically generated sounds.

In contrast to contemporary electronic music, which mostly involved creating new timbres through technology and electronics, electroacoustic music focused primarily on using tape recorders and other devices for organizing pre-recorded sounds into musical structures. In time, these musical structures have been duplicated by computers rather than tape recorders; however, even in today’s digital age of computer-generated sounds and artificial intelligence software programs that manipulate pre-recorded sounds electronically, the label electroacoustic music is still applied to recorded pieces that emphasize direct manipulation through audio techniques such

All the great electronic music artists of the 20th century have been selected for you. In this list, you will find 101 best electronic music artists with a short biography and some relevant links.

Electronic music is a general term for the range of contemporary music that uses electronic devices to generate sound. It has been used to describe styles such as electro-industrial, IDM, ambient techno, glitch, electronica, and dubstep.

Since this is a very large overview of great bands and artists, I split it in different genres:


Drone; Noise; Musique concrète; Sound Art; Industrial Music; Electroacoustic music; Experimental Music; Avantgarde & Minimal; Electro (Disco); Downbeat/Ambient/New Age/Chillout; Synthpop/Electropop/Futurepop/Aggrotech; Trip Hop & Downtempo Electronic; IDM – Intelligent Dance Music & Glitch-Hop; Techno & House ; Psychedelic Trance & Progressive Trance / Goa Trance / Acid Trance / New Psytrance / Nitzhonot / Dark Progressive ; Hardstyle ; Hardcore ; Dubstep ; Trap; Future Bass & Hybrid Trap.

The 20th Century was the century of the electronic music artist and their inventions.

The 20th Century has been a great century for music, especially for electronic music.

I am sure that you will agree with me when I say that this is the best time to be alive when it comes to being a fan of the best electronic music artists.

However, it can be difficult to figure out which of these amazing artists are really worth listening to.

This is why I decided to create this blog: I wanted to make it easier for fans like you and me to find our way in the world of great electronic music artists.

The blog is about the best electronic artist of the 20th Century.

If you have ever wondered why some look at the history of electronic music artists as a long list of innovators, then this blog is for you.

The 20th century will go down in history as the century of technology. Technology has been a major part of the 20th century and has had a great influence over our society in the way we live, work, play, and even in the way we think. The use of electronic music is one of the most pervasive areas that technology has brought about, besides the telephone and vehicle.

With the invention of electricity, numerous electrical instruments were invented shortly afterwards. Some of these include early electric guitars, synthesizers, computer-generated music and turntables. The 20th century also brought about many electronic devices that were not necessarily used for making music such as radios, televisions and computers.

With these inventions came new ways to create music. Electronic music was developed from these devices and new genres of music were formed from it that grew in popularity throughout the 20th century. This blog will cover some of the most famous electronic music artists of this century as well as some lesser known ones.

Electronic Music Artists. The twentieth century has seen the greatest technological advancement in the history of mankind. If we think about it, we will see that what we have accomplished in the last century or so is nothing less than a miracle.

And when we look at how far our technology has taken us, it is quite natural for us to become curious about our future. In fact, this curiosity about our future and how things will pan out is what drives a lot of people into believing in the so-called “electronic music artists”.

The term “electronic music” is used to describe any type of music that uses electronic instruments as its primary instrumentation. While this term can encompass many different genres, there are some strong beliefs and traditions associated with it.

The most famous of these artists are probably “The Beatles”. Although they were not really popular during their time, these guys have made quite a name for themselves in the past few years, especially after the release of their album “Let It Be”.

Another famous electronic music artist is “Moby”. Moby has been successful in making electronic music that appeals to a wide audience, even though much of his work has been hit or miss with mainstream audiences.

Despite being relatively unknown, Moby’s work

Electronic music is a music that employs electronic musical instruments and electronic music technology in its production, an electronic musician being a musician who composes and/or performs such music. In general a distinction can be made between sound produced using electromechanical means (electroacoustic music), and that produced using electronics only.

Electronic music was once associated almost exclusively with Western art music, but from the late 1960s on the availability of affordable music technology meant that music produced using electronic means became increasingly common in the popular domain. Today, most electronic music is created by live performers, with the interfacing of live musicians with the technological equipment used to produce the sounds (such as synthesizers or DJ decks) being one of the defining characteristics of the style. Electronic music is often created with a musical intent, artistic or aesthetic. The use of electronic musical instruments in pop music coincided with the practical availability of inexpensive, portable electronic equipment such as synthesizers and compact drum machines, allowing composers and performers to create new sounds that were not possible with previous analog technology.

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