10 Best Christian Electronic Music Artists To Check Out Now

I love Christian Electronic Music. I have been listening to it for years and have seen it grow from an underground movement, to being highly influenced by the secular scene, to being a dominate force in Christian music.

Christian Electronic Music is simply worship music that is produced by and for those who enjoy electronic music. This can be anything from ambient, chill-out, synthpop, dance, house, techno, and even full on dubstep (not the type of dubstep Skrillex does). What unites all of these genres for me is that the artists are creative in their approach to worship. They are not limited by what most “Christian artists” do (i.e. singer/songwriter with guitar or piano).

Even though there are dozens of Christian electronic artists out there, I have not heard or seen many people talk about them. So here is my list of 10 Best Christian Electronic Music Artists To Check Out Now!

Here are the 10 best Christian electronic music artists to check out now:

1. Shuree

We’ve put together a list of the 10 best Christian electronic music artists to check out now. Our list consists of artists that have consistently made some of the most interesting electronic music within the Christian genre. These artists are also known to be some of the pioneers who helped develop and shape the direction of Christian electronic music.

Odd Thomas (Johnathan Thomas)

Odd Thomas is an American producer, DJ, and artist who has been producing and making music for over 15 years. Odd Thomas is known for his upbeat, dance-oriented style of Christian EDM. His latest album, Alchemy, released in Spring 2014 has received rave reviews from critics and fans alike. He has collaborated with artists such as KJ-52, Andy Mineo, Beautiful Eulogy, Propaganda, and many more. Odd Thomas’ style should appeal to fans who like a more traditional approach to EDM with an emphasis on dance beats and rhythms. For more on Odd Thomas check out: http://www.oddthomasbeats.com/.

Allie Crystal (Alexis McCullough)

Allie Crystal is an American female DJ and artist who was introduced to the scene by her mentor DJ Prob Cause in 2013. She specializes in dubstep, trap, and future bass sounds

Electronic music has grown massively over the past few years. With festivals like Coachella and Electric Forest growing larger every year, mainstream electronic artists like Daft Punk, Skrillex and Deadmau5 are now household names.

While most people think of electronic music as a secular genre, there has been a surge in Christian electronic music artists over the past few years. Many Christian artists have taken to producing remixes of popular songs and adding their own lyrics to them. In addition, many artists have started producing their own original songs that blend EDM with Christian themes.

With so much music being produced, it can be hard to find the best of the best. Here’s a list of some of the top Christian electronic music artists I’ve heard recently. All of these artists are worth checking out if you’re interested in this genre!

The genre of Christian electronic music, known as worship music, is nothing new. Artists like David Crowder and Switchfoot are considered pioneers in the genre.

In this list, we want to highlight some of the talented artists that are currently making waves in the Christian electronic music scene. Some are well-known while others are just now making their way into the mainstream.

Regardless of where they rank on Billboard or Spotify, they all have one thing in common – they are a light in the dark world of EDM.

We have a love for electronic music here at Noiseporn and we’ve had a lot of different artists featured over the last several years. We’ve also had quite a few artists, who you may or may not know, are Christian and have strong beliefs that influence their music. So, we’re sharing with you today some of the best Christian electronic music artists out there, who happen to be making some amazing music.

1. What Now – His latest album He Came To Us In Human Form is absolutely incredible and takes listeners on an ambient journey through sound in an artistic way. The album tells a story through each song, which is rare these days, but something that truly makes this album great.

2. Ryan Innes – The first time I heard Ryan Innes was when my now good friend Nathan Hines introduced me to him at EDC Las Vegas in 2014. Ryan Innes’ music is filled with so much emotion and passion that it’s impossible not to feel something while listening to him.”I want to write songs that connect with people,” says Ryan, “wherever they are on their spiritual journey.”

3. Kaskade – For those who aren’t aware that Kaskade is Christian, about three years ago he told his Twitter followers

Christian electronic music is a genre that is not as well known as its counterpart, secular EDM. However, there are many great Christian artists in the field that bring a unique faith and sound to their work. Here are just a few of them:

Flyleaf: Flyleaf is an American rock band whose style incorporates elements of nu metal, hard rock, alternative metal and post-grunge. Flyleaf’s music focuses on spiritual themes and events from lead singer Lacey Mosley’s personal life. She was born into an abusive home and eventually emancipated herself as a teenager. After high school she attended acting classes for two years before meeting her future band mates in 2002.

The Glorious Unseen: The Glorious Unseen was formed in 2005 by Tim Boggs and Matt McDonald who were both students at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego, California. They released their first album, Tonight The Stars Speak in 2006. The group’s second album, The Hope That Lies In You was released in 2008. On January 1st, 2011 they announced that they would no longer be producing any new music together but would perform live occasionally at special events.

The Glorious Unseen has been compared to other Christian bands such as Jars Of

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