Basic Guitar Gear for the Beginner

You have decided that you want to start playing guitar. The next step will be to buy the accessories that will help you play the guitar well and achieve the effects you hear when your favorite guitarist plays the guitar. So what are the things you will need to start playing your guitar well?

1. Picks

A guitar pick is a chip that you use to pluck the guitar strings. Picks give different tones and flavors. They come in different shapes and sizes. Thin picks will help you to learn fast since they are easier to strum. The thick picks, on the other hand, can be used to easily play individual notes. It is advisable to buy picks of different thickness from the thin ones to the medium thickness to the thick picks.

2. Effects pedals

Effect pedals receive signals from your guitar, modifies it and then relays it to the amp. There are different pedals that give different effects. Some of the effects pedals do to the signal is distort it, echo or even fuzz the signal. Effect pedals can be expensive and so beginners should go for the beginner multi-effects pedal. These give your practice more punch and pop making your sessions more fun.  Here is how effects pedals work.

3. Amplifier

Acoustic guitars have a hollow core of the body that amplifies sound. Electric guitars on their part have a solid body and therefore needs an external amplifier. For beginners, it is advisable to buy a small amp that you can upgrade as you improve your skill. Also, the amp should be small, portable and one that has good music.

You can also decide to buy an amp with inbuilt effects and one that has a `built-in headphones if you are going to practice playing in a place that does not need noise. Always go for the amps that use transistors when you are a beginner as they tend to be cheaper than the those that use vacuum tubes.

4. Tuner

It is important to have your guitar in tune or else you will never attain the sound that you want. A good tuner will help you tune your guitar to avoid producing a horrible sound.

5. Capo

A capo is a must have no matter what the style of music you want to play. A capo is a device that you can place on the neck of your guitar to change the pitch of the open springs. They are made in such a way that they can securely barre strings evenly while avoiding damaging the neck of your guitar. A capo can help to quickly transpose a song to find the right key for your voice while playing the same basic chords.

Capos are made in different designs. Some common designs include the toggle, strap-on and the trigger design. When buying a capo, choose one that fits your style of guitar and the type of music you play.

There you have it- the above basic guitar gear is not going to make you a good guitarist but it will at least produce a good sound that will make you want to play more. This, in the long run, will make you a better player.

Choosing the Right Amp for Your Electric Guitar

Are you learning how to play the electric guitar? There is only one problem now; you need an electric guitar amp! You might have heard you don’t have to get an electric guitar amp and you can use something else, but in all honesty that is not true. It is true you can purchase yourself a PA system and be able to make some noise, but compared to an amp the PA system sounds horrible.

Consider the type you want

Right now you need to focus on what kind of amp you will purchase. There are so many amps out there it may seem almost impossible to choose an electric guitar amp that is perfect for you. These amps come in all types of sizes and prices. If you are running low on money, don’t worry. You can get a good guitar amp for around 200 dollars. But if you want to get an amp that will last your for years to come then, you will have to pay a lot more for it. We suggest getting a cheap one for learning. Then when you are good to purchase the expensive one.

Type of music genre

Are you planning on focusing on a certain type of genre? If you just want to play some jazz music in a small group, you can get away with having a small amp. On the other hand, if you are trying to jam in a hardcore rock band, then you are going to invest in a bigger amp that will make a lot of noise.

Consider Features and Effects

When looking at Electric Guitar Amps, one thing you will notice is that a lot of amps come with some amazing features and effects. Out of all the features, the most important is having a foot switch that will allow you to alternate between clean and overdrive. If the amp does not have this effect, then there is no point in getting it.

Test It Out

If the amplifier has the features and effects that you like, then you just need to test it out. However, it is important to know that when you test it, you will want to use your guitar, not one of the guitars at the shop. This should not be a problem because most shops allow you to bring in your guitar with no problems.

Look At The Watts

It is good to know how many watts the amp has. If it has less than 50 watts, you should not waste your time or money on it. The reason is that anything less than 50 watts will not reproduce the music optimally and the bass will be horrible.

If you want your amp to play a wide variety of music, it would obviously be a waste of money to go out and purchase every guitar cabinet out there. However, some of the top guitar companies have produced some amps that can model some of the sounds that we all love to hear.